Mastering Tool for macOS® – Standalone App for Audio Mastering – Technical Specifications

Technical Specs

Mastering Tool for macOS® – App for Audio Mastering

« Mastering Tool » is a standalone audio utility software which can boost or calibrate your sound files close to your maximal level (ex. 0 dBFS, -10 dBFS, -16 LUFS…)

Mastering Tool is an audio utility software for macOS® intended to audio content creators. It will allow you to calibrate your sounds (mix, podcast, sample,…). Most of the time during the audio or musical creation process the designer focuses on sound under specific listening conditions (professional studio speakers) with a purely artistic goal. A good mix or recording generally does not exceed a certain sound level (-6dB RMS) even sometimes less (-15dB RMS). “Mastering Tool” is an audio utility software that helps to calibrate audio files for a professional sound closer to your maximum level (eg 0 dBFS, -10 dBFS, -16 LUFS…).
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Finalize your sounds with 3 real time audio modules “the Infinite Wheel”, the “Beast Equalizer” and the “Master Limiter”

Boost your sounds with 3 global real-time audio modules :

  • The “Infinite Wheel” module, an endless fader, which allows you to reduce or increase the gain (level) from your original sound.
  • The “Beast Equalizer” module which allows you to correct the equalization to match as close as possible to the original sound.
  • The “Master Limiter” limits the sound level of your Master to not exceed your maximum goal level (eg. 0 dBFS, -10 dBFS,…).

Export your Master :

  • Master Exportation after rendered modules (Gain, Equalizer, Peak Limiter)
  • Export all or a loop selection
  • Export Formats : MPEG 4 AAC(.M4A) / ALAC(.M4A .CAF) / FLAC(.M4A .FLAC) / PCM(.AIFF) / PCM(.WAV)

Mastering Tool – Sound circuit diagram :

NewuiLab. | Mastering Tool - Circuit Diagram

newui Lab. | Mastering Tool for macOS® - Standalone audio App for Mastering

« Mastering Tool » download on the Mac App Store®*

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End User License Agreement

* Price and availability may differ between countries, (Perpetual License) price available on the Mac App Store®